Sana Amanat is a director and editor at Marvel Comics and the co-creator of Kamala Khan / Ms Marvel, the first Muslim superhero to have their own title.  In 2014, when Amanat was working on the Ms Marvel property, she helped introduce the Pakistani-American teenager who ultimately would take on the mantle of the Ms Marvel identity.  While a boon for Muslim Americans, the creation of Kamala Khan is one of many titles Marvel has been promoting in recent years to increase diversity and ultimately connect with a changing population demographic.

Unfortunately, in recent memory, the reception has not been as positive as Marvel would have hoped.  Slumping comic book sales have created an atmosphere where many people are wondering if the diversity push from Marvel is a smart move.  In contrast to DC, which has seen some increase in the past few months, Marvel’s latest major story arc, involving a villainous Captain America, was panned by critics and supporters alike.  Despite the diversity blame, however, many think the stories being told are to blame and that a turn back to story telling akin to the 90s X-Men would service the company well.

This may be good advice for Marvel’s upcoming animated feature film entitled “Marvel Heroes: Secret Warriors. The film, which will launch as a series of six four-minute digital shorts ahead of the full film coming to the screen in 2018, will feature some of the biggest up and coming heroes in the Marvel Universe — including Ms. Marvel, Miss America, Squirrel Girl, and Quake.”

I do believe that Marvel has a few winners in their hands particularly with the new Spider Man and Ms Marvel franchises.  Developing interesting stories are key to increase readership and utilize their diversity push to its full potential.

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