Can performing a boring task can lead to a creative breakthrough?  According to an old scientific formula, yes!  A new infograph titled, “A Visual Guide to Solving Difficult Problems (Backed by Science)” uses the formula of George Polya, a mathematician who in 1945 created a four step process to forming a creative solution.  The Polya process combines itself with “insights from 7pace, creators of a timetracker software for teams” to establish a scientific full proof method to get people thinking creatively and solving problems.

According to the infograph, here are the four steps along with additional suggestions to create the perfect solution for your next problem:

Polya’s Four Step Process

  1. Understand the Problem
  2. Devise a Plan
  3. Carry out the Plan
  4. Look Back

Insights:  Keys to Creative Ideas (hint, usually coming from a change in perspective)

  • Draw out the problem
  • Introduce New Perspectives from other people
  • Think Aloud:  Talking through a problem aloud is like gaining 10 IQ apparently
  • Include every idea you can think of can lead to new ideas or the combination of old ones
  • Concentrate, then Incubate:  Basically concentrate hard on an idea then let your mind run free allowing your subconscious to take over and formulate a plan
  • Do Something Boring:  Mundane tasks allow your mind to wander and come up with solutions you never thought possible.

The Secret Behind Solving Your Small Business Problems – with Science (INFOGRAPHIC)