by Ray Hayes

Instagram is a photo sharing app that millennials are almost surgically attached to. Snapchat is a quick video sharing app that millennials can’t say off of, chronicling their daily activities while their friends shamelessly stalk them. With businesses constantly searching for ways to attract young employees, the question arises if Snapchat or Instagram is the best way to market to millennials? As the owl from the ageless Tootsie Roll commercial would say, “Let’s find out?”

According to a recent Cowen & Co survey, more than 96 percent of advertisers would rather use Instagram over Snapchat. “Instagram Stories has a faster-growing user base, room to increase its ad load, and the backing of Facebook. That presents a huge challenge for Snap to overcome.” Furthermore, Instagram has more than 300 million daily users plus another 200 million user’s use Instagram’s other features; however, Snapchat has 178 million daily users.  Last but not least Instagram offers an advance ad targeting which Snapchat unfortunately does not.

So after reading the statistics which app would you choice to market to millennials, Snapchat or Instagram?