by Ray Hayes

In my opinion, underestimating the value of diversity to the United States of America is a huge error in leadership. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson seems to understand this when he spoke about the value of diversity during his speech on Friday, Jan 12 with State Department employees. Tillerson was quoted as saying, “that our lives are enriched when [we] recognize the diversity in our nation.”

Tillerson’s comments ironically came a day after President Trump’s alleged comments on immigrants from Haiti and El Salvador. The comments have added to President Trump’s blunders however his Secretary of State seems to publicly disagree with President Trump on the value of diversity.

During Tillerson’s address to the State department he also spoke about abuse in the workplace, which has become a global topic of discussion amid the growing allegations against well-known men in politics, entertainment and business. “Harassment and abuse have no place in a nation founded on the ideals of individual liberty and pursuit of happiness, and it can have no place at this organization, our State Department — not here in Washington, not at posts abroad, nowhere,” said Tillerson.