Have you heard of an innovative platform called Storj?  If not, you may want to look it up.  Storj is a decentralized open sourced software that allows users to rent digital storage space from willing participants.  The new platform is secure and transparent and is looking to disrupt the cloud storage industry by paying people to utilize their additional device space.

In addition to the storage project, Storj pays users that are willing to rent out their laptop or computer disk space in Storj coins.  Like other block-chain projects offering cryptocurrency, Storj coins can be traded for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or ultimately, US dollars.

The project was started by Morehouse graduate Shawn Wilkinson in 2014 after Bitcoin mining and discovering the value in the industry.  Storj has sense grown from an idea to Terabytes of space with over 130 million coins in circulation worth about $1.50 each (according to coinmarketcap.com).

If you’re interested in learning more about the project, there’s a pretty good explanation of the Storj platform below


A great idea from a Morehouse graduate!  If you have any other exciting new ideas in cryptocurrency or other emerging markets, let us know!

[Video] Morehouse Grad Creates Bitcoin Alternative

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