Last year, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) visited the tech sector in California an came away troubled.  With the lack of diversity in technology rearing its ugly head, the CBC returned to DC committed to pushing legislation that would require technology companies to create a more inclusive atmosphere.  With the mounting pressure from the potential legislation, the “Internet Association, a lobbying group for some of the biggest names in tech (think Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, Facebook, Google and Twitter) has” taken it upon themselves to institute diversity employment criteria forcing the industry to be more transparent in their workplace reports.

Michael Beckerman. the leader of the Internet Association has stated that “It is important that the diversity of backgrounds and viewpoints among internet users is represented in the industry generally and our policy engagement specifically.”  The response has subdued the push for legislative action for now, but Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II, one of the leaders behind new legislation remains cautious.

According to the Congressman, “It is critical that this position be given a high level of authority and respect such that any perceived racial and gender biases can be immediately identified and addressed.”

Time will tell how transparent these reports will be, but for the short while this is productive news.