Veterans looking to apply for a veteran owned small business certification through the US government may want to take note of the latest news from the administration.  According to the Federal Register, “the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has published two Notices of Proposed Rulemaking which, in effect, (1) would shift the duties of certifying Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (VOSBs) as relates to Ownership and Control (O&C) from the VA to the U.S. Small Business Administration.”

The exact cause for this is uncertain but the idea is that the Small Business Administration (SBA) is better suited to handle the certification process for all small businesses which may soon include Veterans.  When the move will happen exactly is unknown but it seems as if the VA is looking to “transfer” some of its responsibilities soon.  A good explanation of the exact proceeding can be viewed from Lexology below:

As a result of the National Defense Authorization Act (PL 114-840) designating the SBA as the Federal Agency responsible for overseeing and regulating issues relating to “ownership and control” (O&C) of small businesses, the VA is proposing to remove all references in its regulations to O&C issues. O&C are some of the key factors that SBA (and currently the VA) use to verify a business is in fact Veteran-owned.