by Ray Hayes

Cryptocurrency is becoming more acceptable with businesses slowly including it as a payment form. A good example of this progress is Ripple’s (XRP) new partnership with MoneyGram to help make transactions faster. When focusing on the Ripple / MoneyGram connection, Fortune Magazine states that , “the partnership will see MoneyGram pilot the use of XRP through a new Ripple service, called xRapid, designed to provide liquidity to financial institutions.” As you can see, cryptocurrency seems to be revolutionizing our economy.  With change coming for payment forms, it’s no surprises that Brisbane Airport is now adding itself to the growing list of crypto adopters by allowing passengers to use cryptocurrency in airport shops.

Now this is all swell and dandy, but similar to how $Guap Coin ,which is rewarding consumers for supporting black owned businesses, I am wondering how this will exactly work? With the constant fluctuating BitCoin prices, it will be a nightmare for airport staff to accurately price items on a daily bases. Will the price of a bottle of water change on a minute by minute basis?  If not, what happens when a huge dip in the market occurs?  Unlike currency trading, volatility in crypto is a lot higher and can have a greater impact on price.  Still the adoption is a step in the right direction I believe especially with rumors of global regulation coming.

It will be interesting to see how Brisbane Airport will adjust and we at Supplierty will surely keep you all updated on its progress.

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