Lyft, the popular ride sharing app has recently added a feature that will allow riders to round up ride fares and “donate the extra cash to Black Girls Code, a nonprofit that introduces girls of color to computer science with the goal of building a new generation of coders.”  This is the latest partnership for the company that has, over the past eight months, “raised more than $4 million for other organizations this way, by turning on the feature in the app that rounds up each fare to the nearest dollar and contributing the difference.”

This move comes with a bit of controversy as Black Girls Code recently turned down an August $125,000 grant from Uber after the Lyft competitor became involved in a lawsuit.  Some see this as a shot at Uber, but Lyft denies this, citing its eight month track record with other organizations to raise funding.

Whatever the reason, this is good news for an organization committed to promoting women of color in computer science.  “Since launching Black Girls Code in 2011, Bryant has introduced more than 8,000 girls to computer science with 13 chapters in the U.S. and one international chapter in Johannesburg. By 2040, Bryant wants to reach 1 million girls.”