Timing is everything!  In real estate location matters, but in entertainment, timing is just as valuable.  Would Black Panther be as relevant as it is today without the election of Donald Trump and a year-long promotion of diversity for women and minority rights?  As  Jean Villeneuve of the movie The Patriot states after mercilessly killing Continental soldiers who may have surrendered, “Perhaps. we will never know.”

But one thing is known, the fact that a movie like Black Panther has never been attempted has created a film that is more than just a superhero movie, but an event that will never happen again.  Black Panther is a movie about an African King (T’Challa) in the fictional country of Wakanda.  Through Black Panther, King T’Challa must come to grips with his country’s past as he creates a future for the technologically advanced nation.  The film does a great job of standing on its own while being a part of the overall Marvel Universe.

Now, I must admit, if you’re looking for a breakdown or analysis or even summary of the film you won’t find it here (there’s a billion of those on the internet right now).  Instead what I’m going to do is ask one simple question.

Can Black Panther break $1 billion

For starters today is Friday, February 23rd, which means that the information I have is as follows; Black Panther sits at $491 million worldwide and is estimated to break $500 million by Thursday, February 22nd (as Thursday’s numbers have not come in at the time of my writing).  Assuming estimates hold true (and Black Panther has hit or surpassed EVERY estimate thus far), we have a movie that, since February 16-ish (or 7 days) has made over $500 million.  That is an incredible number and one that we will use to see if it measure up to other billion dollar films.

Not counting for inflation, there are 32 films that have crossed the billion-dollar mark with 1) being the Avatar and 32) being The Dark Knight.  Last year in 2017, 4 movies crossed the $1 billion mark including Star Wars The Last Jedi, Despicable Me 3, The Fate of the Furious, and Beauty and the Beast (* for Jumanji which currently sits at over $900 million being released in late 2017).

When it comes to Worldwide openings, according to Box Office Mojo, Black Panther ranks 15th.  Of the 14 films in front of it, only 2 movies did NOT break $1 billion (Spider-Man 3 and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice).  Both suffered from poor reviews (which Black Panther does not) but still managed to break $800 million.

In terms of TOP OPENING GROSSES on Box Office Mojo, Black Panther ranks in the top 5 through its first 6 days, outpacing Marvel’s Avengers and in company with 2 Star Wars films and Jurrasic World, all of which easily broke $1 billion.

Bottomline with its current tracking and a potential additional $100 million this coming weekend, Black Panther looks as if it may easily break the $1 billion.  When including the fact that the movie has yet to open in China and Japan, we may be looking at a film (based on tracking) that could push past $1.2 billion or more.  Only time will tell but for now, yes Black Panther is tracking to $1 billion.


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