The General Services Administration has awarded its 10-year, $15 billion Alliant 2 Small Business IT acquisition contract to 81 suppliers.  The contract announced its pre-awards in December 2017 and has finalized formalized the awards for the 81 qualified small businesses.  The contract was offered for the purpose of addressing ” growing needs to modernize the government’s IT infrastructure, implement leading-edge technology solutions, and enable improved service to our citizens,” according to assistant commissioner of the GSA Office of Information Technology Category Kay Ely.

The contract was initially intended to be awarded to the top 80 technically rated offerors of 493 proposals, but a tie in the 80th position resulted in the adding of one more supplier.

The need to update government IT infrastructure has been a growing concern that was partly addressed during the Obama administration but was never fully solved (e.g. the Affordable Healthcare Act website release).  Small businesses being the more flexible companies, will hopefully help in creating more efficient processes for everyone.

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