With another study released, the support for diversity in the workplace grows as, according to a new report from DDI, The Conference Board, and Ernst & Young, diversity, particularly among genders, “increases a business’s bottom line”.  The most recent study based its findings after looking “at demographic data from over 2,400 organizations in 54 countries.”

The report is the latest evidence that diversity within a work environment is a positive resource in helping a company grow and meet business expectations.  According to Fast Company, “while women currently represent less than a third (29%) of all leadership roles–most of which are junior management positions–companies that have at least 30% gender diversity overall, and more than 20% at the senior level, outperform their less diverse counterparts in key leadership and business outcomes.”

In business facets including improved leadership, culture, and return on investment, increased diversity equals better performance.  Despite these numbers, not all corporations are sold on or support the idea of business strategies around diversity.  It is my belief that, if this continues those companies that do not value developing a pipeline based on inclusivity will see performance drop significantly over the next decade.

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