by Ray Hayes

Arne Wilberg, a former YouTube employee, filed a lawsuit this past January claiming that the company is only pursuing and directing recruiters to look for female, Black, and Hispanic applicants. According to The Verge, Wilberg alleges that “In one hiring round, the team was allegedly instructed to cancel all software engineering interviews with non-diverse applicants below a certain experience level, and to ‘purge entirely any applications by non-diverse employees from the hiring pipeline.’ California labor law prohibits refusing to hire employees based on characteristics like race or gender.”

Furthermore, many employees were allegedly uncomfortable with the companies Project Mirror program which assigned employees to interview applicants who were of the same gender or race background as themselves. Google spoke with the Wall Street Journal and responded to the allegations stating, “we have a clear policy to hire candidates based on their merit, not their identity. … At the same time, we unapologetically try to find a diverse pool of qualified candidates for open roles, as this helps us hire the best people, improve our culture, and build better products.”

I understand that Google wants to be more diverse and that is good but this is not the way to do it if Wilberg’s allegations turn out to be factual. We will keep you up to date on the lawsuit and any further responses from Google and/or Wilberg’s representation.

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