by Ray Hayes

According to reports, diversity increases productivity, employee morale and offers a competitive advantage in the workplace. It can also give a company a positive consumer reputation, which helps to explain the need for brands to value workforce diversity.  Verizon’s CEO Lowell McAdam is the latest executive to recognize this as a business opportunity stating that he understands diversity can be a key to a corporation’s success if utilized correctly.

McAdam recently spoke at the Maker’s conference about the importance of diversity explaining that “you’re not going to win a complex environment that we are in if you don’t have diversity of thought, diversity of opinion, diversity of experience — and that comes by bringing people of color and women to higher levels of the business”

Verizon has made it a priority to invest in diversity and grow their workplace while expanding it to external initiatives. Along with Cornell Tech and City University of New York, Verizon has also founded an initiative that targets female college students in efforts to grow diversity in tech. Furthermore, Verison has created the Verizon’s Innovative Learning scheme to expose kids in Kindergarten – 12th grade to free technology education in underserved communities.

McAdam not only wants to make Verizon more diverse but also increase and expand the field of technology for everyone no matter of their race, class or gender.


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