Wende Hutton is a unicorn in the field of venture capital.  While the number women in the industry are growing. not many have the amount of experience Hutton has, being a part of venture capital for over 2 decades.  Hutton’s career in venture started when she joined “Mayfield Fund after working at biotech startups. At Mayfield, she was the first and only woman on the team.”

According to Hutton, the experience helped her grow and understand the close-knit culture of venture capital.  In 2004, Hutton moved to Canaan, where she currently stands today.  At Canaan, Hutton is “able to have different conversations about work-life balance with the women in her office, like principal Colleen Cuffaro.”  From venture newbie to mentor, Hutton has done all she can to improve the lives of those coming after her.

But with venture capital, it’s not just work-life balance.  “One of the aspects Cuffaro admires in her mentor is that Hutton isn’t afraid to make an emotional connection to an investment. For example, Hutton invested in Labrys Biologics, a company developing migraine treatments that later got acquired by Teva Pharmaceuticals for up to $825 million. While the treatment is facing some delays, it’s one of a handful seeking to find a preventive therapy for migraines.”

According to Business Insider, “of the estimated 38 million Americans with migraines, 15 million of them might be eligible for preventive treatment.”  The investment was a big risk, but one that shows the level of insight and commitment to understanding the scope of biotech and how it can play out in the future.  As the number of women in venture capital grows its nice to see some of the trailblazers still heavily involved and influencing the future.

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