While receiving a Career Achievement in Television Award from the American Society of Cinematographers, Alan Caso surprised a lot of people with a speech concerning the lack of diversity in Hollywood, and how Caso himself helped caused the issue.  Known for his work in Blade Runner 2040 and Six Feet Under, Caso spoke about diversity and how the election of Donald Trump opened his eyes to his own privilege.

According to Caso, the election of Trump forced his eyes open “not because of anything the president said or did, but because others reacted with skepticism when he was outraged, given the demographic facts of his industry and his own career.”  After all, how can someone truly be offended by President Trump’s words when his message seems to refer to an American environment that has essentially always existed.

“I have no excuse,” Caso said.

This is a huge statement for a man that has benefited from his position for decades.  While Caso did deserve his lifetime achievement award due to hard work and talent for cinematography, there may have been others (similar to baseball before Jackie Robinson) who could have also been included in opportunities had a different environment existed.  Caso’s admittance of this is a positive one and his commitment to helping others gain opportunities in entertainment is fantastic.