Since Johns Hopkins University instituted its Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion in late 2016, the university has made substantial progress in only a year of the initiative’s existence.  To begin, JHU hired its first Chief Diversity Office, Fenimore Fisher, with the goal of overseeing the success of the university’s Roadmap.

“We realize that what gets measured gets managed,” Fisher says. “Reporting on our progress, as well as areas for improvement, maintains our ongoing themes of accountability and transparency.”

The diversity and inclusion Roadmap has the full backing of the university’s President, Ronald J. Daniels and was created to put forth actions that support the increase of diversity at the college in addition to “periodic evaluation and public accountability”.

According to the progress report, a few of the accomplishments achieved in its first year of implementation include

  • 19 percent of professorial-rank new faculty hired in 2016-17 were underrepresented minorities compared to 10 percent the previous year
  • Enhanced undergraduate admissions practices helped increase diversity among incoming classes of students—27.2 percent of first-year undergraduates identified as an underrepresented minority in 2017, up from 14.2 percent in 2010

While still a growing initiative, the first year can be seen as a big success with Johns Hopkins almost doubling its new faculty hiring in only one year.  In addition growing from 14.2% to 27.2% is another big jump in regards to undergraduate representation.  As the Roadmap continues, it will be interesting to see how the institution continues its expansion and what the outcome will be.

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