Tina Tchen, chief of staff to former First Lady Michelle Obama has partnered with The Recording Academy “to lead a new task force to explore charges of gender and racial bias that erupted after this year’s Grammy Awards ceremony.”  Tchen currently heads Buckley Sandler LLP law firm, where she advises companies diversity and inclusion issues.  “She served in the White House as executive director of the White House Council on Women and Girls.”

According to a recent USC study, less than 10% of Grammy nominees in top categories over the past five years went to women.  These categories included recording artists, songwriters, producers and engineers.

“The task force will identify the various barriers and unconscious biases faced by underrepresented communities throughout the music industry and, specifically, across Recording Academy operations and policies,” according to its charter. “In an effort to determine pathways toward greater parity at every level of the organization, the task force will look specifically at Recording Academy governance, hiring and promotion practices, membership, awards, and telecast.”
The partnership is hoping to change years of low representation for women and people of color while introducing a new standard in the nomination process.  Hopefully concrete change will come soon and a new standard will be set to help propel our culture into the future.

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