Every now and again John Oliver does something truly amazing.  From creating a donation line to drive the point home of Church organizations going too far when asking for tything to buying advertising space on Fox News directed at President Trump, Olver is a mastermind of selling which small businesses could take notes from.

In his latest gem, Oliver, “comedian and host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight put together a children’s book to troll Vice President Mike Pence, documenting a day in the life of Pence’s family pet bunny Marlon Bundo. (Charlotte Pence, daughter of the vice president, also put out a book about the rabbit, but Oliver’s takes a decidedly different tone, making the main figure gay.)” For those unaware, VP Pence is a hard anti-LGBT focus that led President Trump to joke that the VP wanted to “hang” gays.

Although Oliver’s book was released after Pence’s own book, “Oliver’s book is rapidly outpacing Pence’s in sales. In fact, it’s already temporarily out of stock on Amazon. Vanity Fair reports it has sold over 180,000 copies, and has more on backorder, according to the New York Post.”

Charlotte Pence, despite expectation, has praised the purpose of the book and even gone so far as to purchase it outright.  While Mike Pence’s representatives have condemned Oliver as making the bunny book political, it seems, for the most part, people support it.

As for Oliver’s book, all sales of the book are being donated to The Trevor Project, a suicide hotline for LGBTQ youth, and AIDS United.