The issues plaguing Silicon Valley when it comes to diversity is well know.  2018 will mark five years since the initial release of tech diversity numbers led by Google, Facebook, and Twitter.  Since that moment in 2014, little has changed in terms of workplace diversity numbers, however one could argue that awareness is at an all time high.  According to “the Leaky Tech Pipeline, a new report released by Kapor Center for Social Impact. 90% of employees at Google and and Microsoft are white or Asian, and less than one in four employees at Intel, Cisco or Microsoft are female.”

While large technology companies will most likely continue to struggle in the years to come in implementing change, some startups are looking to find solutions to diversity early in their company’s life cycle.  “But finding a more diverse pool of candidates isn’t always easy for someone based in Silicon Valley.”

To connect with diverse applicants startups like Chrime, a banking startup that closed on $18 Million Series B about six months ago, are searching Facebook and other outlets to implement inclusive practices early on.  Options like Tech Inclusion, “an initiative using conferences, workshops and events around the globe to bring more visibility to the issue.” grants access to its Facebook group of over 2200 members. for networking purposes.

Other options exist to like Women 2.0, Jopwell, Moms Can: Code, and more.  These organizations try to help companies of all sizes connect with and improve their diversity numbers.  While still a work in progress, the more startups look to get a handle on this issue early, the better they and our communities will be.