A new campaign entitled “Many Voices, One Song” is looking to “spark a conversation about the importance of diversity and inclusion.” Created by Y&R Sydney in partnership with Deloitte, the campaign focuses on a video which “features members of the Melbourne community choir as well as Deloitte’s own employees” joining in song.  The purpose of the video is to highlight the impact of diversity on organizations and communities and will be used by Deloitte to “showcase how other businesses can meet their diversity, inclusion and leadership needs.”

Deloitte chief marketing officer Matt McGrath, said the film aims to “push boundaries”. “We believe this film says something new and different and that it will resonate with all Australians.” The campaign was created by Y&R Sydney and directed by The Sweetshop’s Youness Benali.

An interesting and artistic take on the exposure of diversity and one that, for some, can add a positive spin to the idea of inclusion.

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