The fintech venture capital firm Anthemis Group recently closed  its first discretionary fund for Anthemis Venture Fund I compiling $106 million in investment capital. Anthemis Group has more than $500 million in assets under management and with the launch of its first fintech investment firm, “is focused on supporting fintechs in sectors such as corporate and business banking, wealth and asset management, and capital markets.”

According to its co-founder, Amy Nauiokas, the goal of the new fintech venture is to help support organizations that are looking to overhaul the financial system with innovative products for the digital age.  According to American Banker, when “Anthemis evaluates startups, it makes diversity of the company’s management a priority. It deliberately does not have quotas or firm rules about it, Nauiokas said. The firm is open to those willing to change.”

“If a company is already focused on diversity and inclusion, they’re going to naturally come into our ecosystem,” she said. “It’s the influence we think we can have on those that aren’t that give us the most excitement and opportunity for change. I don’t believe people are doing this deliberately, I believe it’s ‘let’s keep doing same thing over and over’ because it works, until somebody challenges you on it. Our job as investors, we have to be the ones that start questioning it. It’s as simple as recognizing when you’re sitting across from founders. How does this play into their corporate strategy, how will they grow divergent thinkers? That question is something we ask every single one of our portfolio companies.”

Venture firms like this are growing in a new culture devoted to supporting America’s future.  $106 million should help with resources for organizations committed to innovation, diversity, and creating new solutions for the digital age.