by Ray Hayes

Four-time Formula One (F1) champion Lewis Hamilton wants to see more diversity within the sport.  In a recent Instagram image, Hamiton posted that, “There is barely any diversity in F1, still nothing’s changed in 11 years I’ve been here. Kids, people, there’s so many jobs in this sport of which anybody no matter your ethnicity, background, can make it and fit in.”

There was also video accompanied by a message showing his team’s hospitality suite which lacked diversity.

F1 has yet to comment on Hamilton’s remarks and have not made public any initiatives to attract more diversity within the sport. Hopefully, before it is too late, F1 tackles this issue like NASCAR did.

This is not Hamilton’s first time speaking out on the subject of diversity within F1. According to an ESPN report, “back in 2011, Hamilton said: “Maybe it’s because I’m black. That’s what Ali G says”, after he was penalised by stewards at the Monaco Grand Prix.”