by Ray Hayes

In efforts to expand diversity within Switzerland boxing, the International Boxing Association (AIBA) has created the Diversity in Boxing program for its 203 National Federations. The program is one of the first initiatives for the AIBA new interim President Gafur Rahimov.

More than 1 million Swiss Francs, which is equivalent to $1,056,300 US Dollars, will be accessible each year for the Diversity in Boxing program and various other objects for the AIBA’s National Federations. Beginning in April, all 203 National Boxing Federations under the AIBA will have the option to apply, with the Boxing in Diversity program supporting initiatives that focus on youth and female boxing enterprises.

AIBA President Rahimov commented on the new initiatives and its commitment to diversity stating, “I am fully aware that AIBA urgently needs to improve on many fronts, and all AIBA National Federations can rest assured that my colleagues and I are fully committed to achieve this improvement, in every aspect of our organisation and our sport. We have many things to do and little time to do it, and that’s when leadership must deliver.”