by Ray Hayes

Did you know that small businesses spend more than 25 percent of their day manually inputting data?  With so much room for business improvement, Salesforce has recently announced a product called Essentials, “a new collection of cloud-powered apps that use automation and artificial intelligence technologies to help small businesses build more engaging and rewarding customer relationships.”

The app is projected to free up time for small business employees and allow them to focus on other responsibilities including sales. Overall, the app is basically a help desk that will allow users to complete simple customer service tasks. This includes the ability for users to view customer activity and communication, keep track of their company’s performance, and provide a personalized customer experience. Lastly, the app will accept immediate feedback from users in order to quickly resolve issues.

Salesforce has also introduced a training course called Trailhead which will train users on how to use the app.

Mike Rosenbaum, executive vice president of CRM Applications at Salesforce, spoke about Essentials stating that “We’ve taken the full power of Salesforce and tailored it for the unique needs of small businesses. Essentials is easy to set up and use — and it’s future-proof, so small businesses can add new capabilities quickly and easily as they grow.”