Abstract numeric data on monitor screen.

by Ray Hayes

While Microsoft Excel is a staple for small business owners, many can attest to the need for improvements within the application. For those hoping for change from Excel, this article is welcome news as Microsoft has added new machine learning and AI features that will enhance the software. These new features will allow Excel to comprehend more of your entries while also offering you more data.

TechCrunch explains the recent change in layman terms. “Say you have a list of towns in Oregon. Excel will recognize that these are towns in what is objectively the best state in the U.S. and then allows you to pull additional data from Microsoft’s Bing knowledge graph to work with (think population and other demographic data). Similarly, for stocks and index funds, Excel can now automatically pull in financial data about a company.”

A great feature and I’m sure many readers will be pleased to know, is available now! You can preview the new capabilities in Office 365 Insiders in English. The release date for when the feature will be rolled out for all Office 365 users has not been determined.