by Ray Hayes

Since 2012, Waze, a Google owned navigation app has allowed brand name companies like McDonald’s and At&T the ability to buy ads to attract drivers.  How is this possible? Well, when a driver stops their car, Waze can show a quick ad that will end once the car moves. Perfect, right!?

With such an ingenious product, it is music to small business ears with the release of a new app that will focus on attracting smaller firms.

Waze Local has opened the gates for small businesses to market themselves to drivers similar to McDonald’s. Advertisers will now be allowed to promote their business in the Waze search result and they will able to access real time data on how well their ad campaign is working. Reports have indicated that during the beta testing for the new app, “Waze Local ended up driving an average 20 percent increase in navigations to the businesses buying ads. One of the early advertisers was Kung Fu Tea, which saw more than 5,500 drivers navigating via Waze Local to 16 Kung Fu Tea locations over a three-month period.”

If you are a small business owner this may be a great way to drive in more business and you can give it a try for as little as $2 per day.