by Ray Hayes

President Trump has been a polarizing figure throughout his Presidency. From his hair to hiring process, our President has changed the way we look at politics and the White House. Despite the controversy, there is one positive outlook (depending on what side of the isle you’re on).  Under President Trump there has been an increase in the diversity and inclusion job market as reported by

I know it’s kind of ironic but, it is indeed true. Let’s take a look at the data below for context.

During President Trump’s first 15 months in office, “87 out of every 1 million job postings (on was for a diversity and inclusion role. In the 15 months since his election, the monthly average proportion has risen to 113 per million, a 31% increase. In the couple of months of 2018, there has been more than 130 job postings per million to oversee diversity hiring or program.

Although it is unique coincidence that market has hit a boom under President Trump, it is not surprising with all of the hate speech and politically incorrect statements public figures have made since the US Presidential primaries. Furthermore, with the rise of radical racist groups like the US Neo-Nazi’s, there has become more of a need to create diversity and inclusion in the private sector job market.

And interestingly enough, we have the election of Donald Trump to thank.

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