by Ray Hayes

Last year, former Google employee James Damore wrote a public memo stating that the Silicon Valley tech giant had an ideological problem that was doing a disservice to the company. According to Damore Google was bias against conservative, right wing ideas and the issue made it uncomfortable for those matching that thought process to be accepted.

Lincoln Network seems to agree with Damore and believes Google is not the only tech company with a bias toward conservative workers. The Bay Area group recently published a survey on diversity and cultural norms within tech companies in Silicon Valley. The survey indicated that, “…about half of self-described “moderates,” two-thirds of “libertarians” and 71 percent of “very conservative” respondents said they were less comfortable sharing ideological viewpoints with their colleagues.”

Co-founder Garrett of Lincoln Network sat down with to outline the ideological problems in Silicon Valley and discuss the data from the company’s recent survey.

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