by Ray Hayes

The White House is in the news again for its lack of diversity. Last year, GOP interns along with Paul Ryan took a selfie that was widely criticized for a lack of diversity. This year’s intern photo is very much the same, minus the fact that Speaker Ryan is not in the photo this time around. Out of the 91 White House spring interns only a handful were not white. Although, the photo does not represent the US population it does represent President Trump’s base.

More than 58 percent of whites voted for President Trump while 21 percent of non-white voters did the same. Ultimately, President Trump, the White House and the GOP could do a better job of attracting diverse interns because there are conservative minorities out there, one just has to search for them. With that being said, I am not sure they would want to intern in the White House under President Trump which is another issue and may be a big reason for a lack of diversity within the intern photo.

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