by Ray Hayes

By the year 2027, more than a third of American workers will be freelancing or independent contractors according to a recent Upwork and Freelancers Union study. With an increase in entrepreneurship, local cafés will most likely become a place of business worship for people wanting to get out of the house and handle business. In efforts to get entrepreneurs prepared to turn their local café into a workplace, USA Today has developed eight basic rules that may help with the transition:

  1. Go Local – First and foremost make sure you locate a small, and independent café
  1. Pay your ‘rent’ – Make sure you get a coffee, or muffins at your café at least once an hour. You don’t want to be a free loader, do you?
  1. Sit at a small table – Do not take up too much space. Make sure your things are near you and not hogging up other tables. Therefore grab a small table and perform your work.
  1. Park on the street – If the café only has a limited amount of parking spaces, let the non-working, coffee buying customers take up those spaces. Try to find a café nearby therefore you will not have to worry about parking and hogging parking spaces
  1. Don’t bring your own monitor – Just don’t do it! That 13inch laptop is just enough for a public space. If you need a monitor then you should not be working out of a café. FACTS
  1. Turn off the volume – No one wants to hear your music or phone ringing consistently.
  1. Keep it confidential – If you have to make a long phone call or private call step outside. As a result, you will not have to worry about ease droppers or nosey folks.
  1. Remember, this is not really your office – Be considerate and don’t stay in the café all day. Most importantly, BE NICE!