Earlier this month, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition James Geurts spoke at a Facebook Live event where he discussed the importance of connecting with small business.  While at the Sea-Air-Space Exposition, Geurts outlined the Navy’s view of small firms and acquisition programs.

“Small business is an incredible source for innovation, for adaptability, for agility, and resilience,” Geurts said. “My main goal [is to figure out], how do we leverage small business for things they are really good at?”

The US government requires set asides for small businesses in certain government bidding processes.  The bulk of small business contracts are acquired from the Defense Department’s budget, making the department one of the most sought after for government contracts.  Geurts gave suggestions on winning a bid as well noting that “Winning teams figure out how to use all the players available, use them for what their strengths are, continue to grow them, and expand,”

In all connecting with the Navy takes time and a plan for what you can offer.  For those interested in learning more about the office, check out the link below: