Capital One Financial Corp. (NYSE: COF) is connecting with New York University with the goal of increasing diversity in data science.  The plan is to provide scholarships, financial support, research funding, and seminars to NYU’s CDS (Center for Data Science) to help improve its outreach to diverse individuals.

The specific areas of research that Capital One and NYU are looking to focus on “include mathematical statistics, computational statistics, data visualization and other subsets of machine learning such as deep reinforcement learning.”

This partnership is one of a long list of connections between banks and universities.  Capital One has made it clear that the company is looking to connect with other colleges as well if it is deemed to give the company a recruiting advantage.  With so much talent coming from higher education, the goal of training more individuals in areas that can immediately benefit a company is becoming crucial.  Having the ability to increase a growing group in America could ensure a company is fit to enter the future with a solid employee foundation.

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