The 2018 Veterans Business Battle took place at Rice University in Houston last month and saw over $550,000 in investment extended to pitch participants.  The Veteran Business Battle began in 2015 as a way to create funding opportunities for veteran-owned firms in the Houston area.  It has since continued its goal, seeing more than $2.5 million in investment offered to veteran business owners.

This year, eighteen “veteran business owners pitched their ideas to a panel of investors.”  The $550,000 number is based on current offerings and could have increased since the date of the pitch.

The big winner of the event was CYR3CON, a cyber-security firm based in Phoenix.  The company “received a $450,000 investment offer from Scout Ventures, $100,000 of which is already funded. CYR3CON uses deepweb and darkweb information to preempt cyber attacks.”

In addition, members of Entrepreneurs’ Organization-Houston “extended $25,000 investment offers to four finalists, with the intent of mentoring and supporting the businesses. They could extend additional funding, too. Those four companies are Cyr3Con, Tenavox, Campaign Partners and Polco.”

Congratulations to all winners and I know we hope to see more from the business battle next year.