The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation is an organization committed to improving the lives of LGBTQ individuals within the workplace. To do this, the organization advocates LGBTQ inclusive policies for corporations to enact for the betterment of their constituents.  The Foundation recently launched its second survey of major Mexican corporations in an effort to better understand workplace policies and how they affect LGBTQ employees.

According to, “EquidadMX: Programa Global de Equidad Laboral will query more than 50 Mexican companies — including the nation’s largest, the state-owned oil company Pemex — on how they treat their workers. HRC wants to know if there are antidiscrimination policies in place, whether there are diversity or resource groups, and whether the companies engage in public activies — like Pride festivals, for example — to encourage inclusion and a diverse workforce.”

The goal of the survey is to build upon their initial survey of 32 companies to see if any advancements have been made and if suggestions can be made to better assist corporations looking to create LGBTQ friendly work environments.

The HRC Foundation doesn’t want to stop in Mexico however and is looking to expand to other Spanish speaking countries. “HRC has also created an Equidad program for Chile and has developed a Spanish-language toolkit for employers wishing to foster a more equitable environment.”  Taking a page from American states that have laws banning anti-LGBTQ discrimination, the HRC is hoping lean on these policies and promote them as they expand into Latin America.