According to a research article entitled “The More You Know: Information Effects on Job Application Rates in a Large Field Experiment”, the likelihood that a female will apply for an open position can increase up to 3.6% when the amount of applicants is revealed.  The research was published in Management Science by economist Dr Laura Gee of Tufts University.

Much of “Dr Gee’s findings were predicated on an experiment ran by LinkedIn over the course of 16 days in 2012.”  Gee’s analysis included 2.3 million registered users in 235 countries specifically focusing on 1,500 extra applications.  The big finding was that the increase included jobs described as “masculine” “(advertised positions for which more than 80pc of those who started or completed an application were male).”

If simply revealing the number of applicants can truly increase potential diversity hires, this small gesture may be enough to help increase female representation in the workplace.  Studies like these are extremely important and finding small ways to change a much needed trend is what can lead to a new inclusive foundation for all corporations.