by Ray Hayes

Over the past few months, Facebook has faced criticism for allowing Cambridge Analytica to amass an personal information from an estimated 87 million Facebook users. While the social media giant has admitted their errors and promised to improve its data security protocals, tons of popular entertainers and businessmen/women have publicly disowned and deleted their Facebook accounts for fear of future mistakes.

Despite this media uproar, many small businesses are not taking such harsh actions.  The reason for this is that many consumers are still using the social media site regardless of the criticism.  That means millions of potential customers still exist on the platform and as such are worth marketing to.

There has been some negatives however.  An example of which includes the company Breakout which operate 44 escape room game locations, and has cut 50 percent of their advertising budget following the recent scandal.  Scaling back seems to be the solution for some, but only time will tell if this is a permanent one considering the amount of potential clients on Facebook.

Nevertheless, Angel Moore, vice president for business development of the Alameda County Fair Association, said it best. “No matter what we do, data is being collected.” As a result, be aware that this could happen again and not just with Facebook.