Facebook Community Boost (FCB) is an in-person training, workshop, and networking event that travels the nation in an effort to help small businesses grow.  The idea is to connect with the 80 million small businesses representing Facebook’s platform and inform them of the different possibilities of the portal.  In addition, the FCB uses the feedback of participants to install new programs that can help small firms trade, hire, and grow into the future.

This year the FCB has identified more than 20 cities that the program will travel to for small business improvement.  After a successful campaign last year, during Small Business Week earlier this month, Facebook announced the bulk of these cities in a press release. The full list of cities can be viewed in the link below, but include high population areas such as Atlanta & New York City, niche markets such as San Diego and Minneapolis, Denver, and lesser known parts like Helena, MT and Edison NJ.

Currently, the “local event series has trained more than 60,000 small businesses in the US and hundreds of thousands more around the world.”  For more information on how Facebook is helping impact small business, check out their Economic Impact Study HERE