The CBS show “60 Minutes” is the oldest news magazine and television program that focuses on real stories throughout the American landscape.  On a recent episode of the show, Princeton University was highlighted along with it’s “FLI is Fly” campaign which educates university students “on the resources available to first-generation low-income students”.

The interview was conducted with Princeton President Christopher L. Eisgruber and several students involved with the program “focusing on how Princeton and other colleges and universities are increasing college access and success for first-generation and low-income college students.”  This year about 28% of Princeton’s first year students identified as first generation or low income students with a total of 60% receiving some form of financial aid.

The goal is to make Princeton accessible to anyone who can qualify for admittance regardless of their background.  While a noble gesture, not an easy one to obtain.  The effort to bean inclusive university has taken a “range of efforts involving numerous offices across campus, including enhanced outreach to students from low-income backgrounds, improved abilities to recognize talented applicants from all backgrounds, and on-campus programs that provide first-generation and low-income students with mentorship, academic enrichment, leadership opportunities, and scholarly community throughout their time at Princeton.”

In other words, it takes a concerted effort to ensure the success of a program like this, including establishing a foundation to support those who have been accepted.