The Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) has connected with five startup companies to invest in their businesses to support growth in the life science field.  With $600,000 in seed funding, TEDCO will look to ““transform innovative life science and technology businesses into high growth companies.”  This is according to TEDCO CEO George Davis.

The TEDCO initiative is focused on supporting technology companies based in Maryland with the focus on innovative solutions.  While mainly referenced from their site, I think this is an excellent opportunity for those interested in innovative technology affecting the STEM industry.  In my opinion more should be going towards these types of corporations, and hopefully more organizations like TEDCO can reach out to and help group companies similar to the ones listed below.

Take a look at the five companies TEDCO supported:

  • Adaptive Phage Therapeutics, Inc., located in Gaithersburg, is developing PhageBank® a library of bacterial viruses that treat antibiotic resistant bacteria infections. ($100K)
  • Ataata, Inc., located in Bethesda, creates a cybersecurity education platform used to mitigate cyber-threats caused by human error in the workplace. ($200K)
  • ValuNav, LLC, located in Edgewater, is a leading (alternative) analysis and group decision-making solution that helps companies determine the most optimal choices for their resource alignment.  Its cloud-based software platform makes it easy for all stakeholders to contribute their preferences while weighing the multiple alternatives and their associating performance to a company’s portfolio; ultimately optimizing value, increasing decision making transparency and aligning resources for better execution. ($100K)
  • TrackOFF, Inc., located in Baltimore, has a privacy management tool that disrupts digital-fingerprinting tools by injecting data inputs with false information. ($100K)
  • Zuul, Inc., located in Columbia, offers cybersecurity protection for the industrial internet of things. ($100K)