CVS Health and the Center for Workforce and Professional Development at Roger Williams University’s School of Continuing Studies have partnered for the 4th annual “CVS Executive Learning Series for Diverse Suppliers”.  The mission of the executive series is to help diverse business owners grow their companies through training and professional development.  In addition, the training program also “helps diverse vendors gain critical management skills that allow them to expand their business relationships with CVS Health and drive their companies’ success in areas such as marketing, finance and human resources”

The application deadline for the Executive Learning Series is less than a week away (June 8th) with CVS searching for companies that have existed for at least three years and have earned between $500,000 – $5 million in annual revenue over that time period.  If you meet these requirements,  Click here for more information on the program.

The program will select fifteen diverse suppliers and begin on July 20, focusing “on building skills in areas such as finance and budget, leadership, management, technology, human resources and communications.”

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