Meet Lisa S Jones, the Chief Eyemail Officer for Eyemail Inc.  For those unaware, Eyemail is a burgeoning company focusing on creating a more engaging communication process by creating interactive email messages that anyone can create and view.

Eyemail utilizes digital marketing communication technology to drive “ROI and enhances the story-telling process by increasing engagement, click-through and conversion rates upwards of +60%, over the standard open rates of 10-12%.”

It was truly a pleasure to connect with Lisa who, in my opinion, is bringing forth one of the most innovative products in communication today.  For anyone looking to understand how to better market or communicate their their internal employees and / or customers, this Eyemail interview is a must watch.

For more information on Eyemail, check out their website
If you’re interested in learning more about how they’re changing the Communication industry, Click Here

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