A few years ago, Indian University unveiled its BiCentennial Strategy Plan which included establishing Global Gateways in key cities around the globe.  The idea was to create a global network where students from around the globe can connect as entry points to all eight Indian University campuses. In 2014, this plan became reality with the establishment of two networks in Beijing, China and New Delhi, India.  In 2015 Berlin, Germany was added along with Mexico City, Mexico earlier this year.  According to the Universities Global Gateway website, more “Gateways are planned in Thailand, South Africa, and possibly Brazil.”

The gateways make sense in particularly for a university looking to recruit more international students and connect them with their growing population.  For example for its newest gateway in Mexico City, the “facility is located on the campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and will be used to draw more international students and help facilitate relationships across borders.  IU says Mexico City was chosen in response to a rise in Latino residents, businesses, and university alumni.”

Understanding the capabilities of the new gateways will be key moving forward and should set a standard for more colleges and universities looking to establish a global brand.  One of the best ways to enter America is through education and if the nation is looking to recruit people with high potential from other nations, this is a good way to do it.
To learn more about Indiana University’s Global Gateway Network, check out the link below: