In the long history of America, only two nonwhite women have gone on to become governors of a state.  Susana Martinez of New Mexico and Nikki Haley of South Carolina.  Both women were elected in 2010 and both are women of the Republican party.

On this blog we seek to highlight diversity in many aspects, even when it may not be trendy or popular.  The fact that only two nonwhite women have ever been elected as governors is very surprising, but, based on the current narrative, the fact that both women are from the Republican party is a huge note that not many are highlighting.

Obviously the state of the Republican party in 2010 was a lot different than today and Democrats having the first nonwhite male President of the United States is huge, but maybe that is their weakness.  The Democratic party focuses too much on the national stage and not enough at the state or local level.  While the Democrats are more diverse in terms of racial demographics, their inability to win at these levels may be what is lowering the number of nonwhite women to succeed.

Or maybe the party does not push nonwhite women to the top levels that the Republican party does.  Everything I’m stating is conjecture of course, but points that those who are interested should look in to.  Regardless we can all agree that both parties can do better than past numbers. I am sure that there are women of color qualified for these positions and it’s up to both parties to support then when it makes sense (and it makes alot of sense right now IMO).

“The current breakdown of US governors is that six are women (Alabama, Iowa, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon and Rhode Island). All but three governors (Susana Martinez in New Mexico, Brian Sandoval in Nevada and David Ige of Hawaii) are white, according to data collected by the Center on the American Governor at Rutgers.”

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