The Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate announced last month that it has selected 19 companies for Phase I of its Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts.  The 19 companies were awarded at total of $2.94 million covering 10 states.

Each company will receive up to $150,000 to explore concept feasibility over a six month period within the Phase I stage of the program.  “The 19 companies are grouped into seven research areas — from wearable fentanyl sensors to solutions for reducing CT image review time and more.”  Those companies successful in their proof of concept may be eligible “for a Phase II contract (and with it up to $750,000 in further funding) depending on what is accomplished in the coming six months.”

Phase I projects include:

  • Feasibility to build a fentanyl detection sensor to be worn by first responder personnel.
  • Utilizing the radio-frequency emitted from cell phones to find the location of the phone without disrupting traditional service.
  • Working on ways to reduce CT screening system operator burden
  • Automated analysis of Internet of Things device firmware
  • Methods for detecting interference with communication tools.