If you’re outside of the technology industry, chances are you are not familiar with Comparably.

Comparably is a website that focuses on making work transparent.  They provide a way for potential employees to view company ratings and compare them to their competition.  You can compare companies by compensation, job title, culture, career, and diversity.

Obviously, with a website like ours, the main focus of this article will be the diversity portion.  While it is nice to know you can look at a company and compare salary, IMO that’s not what makes Comparably stand out, but rather its ability to grade companies on things such as culture, leadership, and more.

If you have a chance, check out the website for the Infographics alone which lets you see how people rate their CEO on things such as effectiveness, feedback, and more.

In regards to diversity however, we’ve taken a list from Fast Company as the Top 5 best CEO’s at large companies for female employees and diversity overall. Check out the list and tell us what you think.  We’ve also highlighted the names of CEO’s to appear on both lists:

Top CEOs for Female Employees

1. Craig Jelinek, Costco (Issaquah, WA)
2. Satya Nadella, Microsoft (Redmond, WA)
3. Bert Bean, Insight Global (Atlanta, GA)
4. Brian Halligan, Hubspot (Cambridge, MA)
5. Brad Smith, Intuit (Mountain View, CA)

To CEO’s for Overall Diversity

1  John Legere, T-Mobile (Bellevue, WA)
2. Brad Smith, Intuit (Mountain View, CA)
3. Brian Halligan, HubSpot (Cambridge, MA)
4. Craig Jelinek, Costco (Issaquah, WA)
5. Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn (Sunnyvale, CA)

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