There is a saying in America that “facts don’t care about your feelings”.  An interesting saying, in particular when facts are based on feelings in my opinion.  An example of this is the idea of social justice and what that means for the future of the global workforce.  While feelings may differ from person to person, statistically we can say for certain that the Baby Boomer generation is retiring in staggering numbers.  According to Forbes, over “a third of today’s workforce — more than 56 million people — is of the millennial and post-millennial generation, or Generation Z. By 2025, this group will make up nearly 75% of the workforce.”

In addition to this number, reports show that nearly “two-thirds of millennials take interest in an organization’s corporate social responsibility.”  This means that more employees will be invested in their company’s ability to promote socially just issues / ideals that reflect themselves.  One of the bigger issues falls in the realm of inclusion.  While diversity is a term that has seen its popularity (or notoriety depending on your view) rise the big push many young employees have is for workplaces to become more inclusive.  This means inclusive of views, backgrounds, opportunities, gender, and race.

In short, if you are a promoter of diversity and inclusion you will see more support thrown in your direction as the years go on.  This is a win for those within the industry with a potential boom around the corner.

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