On CNBC’s Squawk Box show, Tim Ryan, PricewaterhouseCoopers U.S. chairman discussed politics and trade with the hosts.  According to Ryan (and most experts), American business leaders support recent tax reform and agree that global trade deals must be updated for US businesses.  At the same time, American business leaders also feel that the US must keep its global relationships in tact if the nation will continue its economic growth.

In addition to trade, Ryan also presented The CEO Action Plan, a group of over 450 CEOs and Presidents, along with over 40 Academic Institutions and Associations that support diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  The CEO Action Plan involves a pledge for three things:

  1. Make workplaces safe for employees to discuss diversity issues
  2. Implement/expand unconscious bias
  3. Share diversity & inclusion best practices because it isn’t seen as a competitive issue.

The initiative currently operates an Unconscious Bias Mobile Tour that includes a bus that has visited 13 colleges and 7 corporate locations, service over 4,000 people.  There are currently over 30 requests for visits in 2018.

For more information on the initiative check out https://www.ceoaction.com