Christy Haubegger is the founder of Latina magazine and head of Creative Artists Agency’s (CAA) multicultural business development for the past 13 years.  From “ormalizing the company’s internship process to encouraging agents to sign younger writers of color for representation”, Haubegger has done much to improve diversity and inclusion within the organization.  Last month, under Haubegger’s leadership, the CAA launched “the Amplify Database, a searchable directory of more than 800 TV writers of color.”

As Haubegger puts it, “No one should be able to say, ‘I couldn’t find one,’”  when referring to potential hires from underrepresented ethnicities.

The database is not the first in terms of creating a database for minorities within entertainment, but it is the first created and launched by an organization within Hollywood.

According to Vanity Fair, the database was compiled “using Writers Guild of America and IMDb data,” featuring “all writers of color who have identified themselves as such through their union and who have at least one TV credit in the last five years, along with their highest-level writing position and their representation, if they have it. Access will be free to industry decision-makers after they register. Once public, new writers with a TV credit to their name can petition to be added to the list. (Likewise, anyone who doesn’t want to be on the list can ask to be removed.)”

Haubegger and the CAA are already looking towards the future with plans on expanding the database to include non minority groups that are underrepresented such as female directors.  This, of course, is based on the success of the tool.

As a self described data geek, CAA in the past has used “box-office receipts, and actor-ethnicity data to compile the Diversity Index, which proved that films with diverse casts significantly outperform those without.”

As Haubegger puts it “I love data….Data can help you overcome bias.”