A recent Nielsen study took a look at some of the top TV shows with diverse casts to understand the audience surrounding the productions.  While many people would probably think that shows like Black-ish and Fresh Off the Boat, two series that focus on lives of minority families in America, would mainly cater to their prospective audiences (African American and Asian American), the truth is that both shows have a broad appeal.

According to Nielsen, 72% of Black-ish audience members are non-black while 94% of viewers of Fresh Off the Boat are non-Asian.  This ability for diverse stories to appeal to audiences that are not primarily focused seems to be growing and gaining and interests from larger audiences.

In addition to gaining a diverse audience base for minority focused productions, there is also an ability for minority productions to succeed with predominately minority viewership. Fox’s Empire and Star are key examples, comprising “of 61 percent and 63 percent black audiences respectively.”

According to Shadow and Act, “Nielsen attributes the mass appeal of shows featuring non-white stories to the overall diversity of younger generations, Generation Z in particular. This generation of people born between 1997 and 2016, is not only the largest in America, making up 27 percent of the population, but it’s also the most diverse after millennials.”

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